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The Burning

-The Burning est a a la recherche

d'un bassist et d'un drummer

résident de la rive-nord ou montréal e-mailer moi .


The Burning was formed in summer of 1999, After my departure from MorturoM.


The Burning is mainly a one-man-band, at this time, and mostly for my high standards of why black metal exist,


My Music is Black metal with speed/death metal influences, but best described as traditional black metal.

My Main Influences are Darkthrone/Mayhem/Celtic Frost/Destruction


The first idea to form a band came on a moonless night flooded by alcool,

When I wanted to see good a Black Metal gigs , realizing they weren't enough good bands in our scene

I give credits to those I like, and they know whom they are... a gig with 3 bands and theres a lame band in the lot fucks the

show, so this is why this band was created, to remove that lame band to give a 100% good gig. And my

music evolveto something more personal and I felt the need to create more than a live band, therefor I'll recorda demo soon that will contain 5 tracks ...


Finally for those that might want where I got the inspiration to create my war banner ...

Hatred Toward Christianity

Hatred toward humans





The Black Arts

Lame Poser' s bands must die


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