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About me

As Thou Shurly Saw I Am A Morbid And Evil Fan Of The Black Arts

For Those Of Thou Whom Might Want To Know What

I Am Willing To Say About Me, Check Out The Following

Some Of The Following Are Allied Warriors

That For Some Reasons Are Not Involve In Any Bands Or Not Québec's Bands

But Are Worth To Be Known For Their Actions In This Globe Of Dirth



Pics of Me

Pics Of Allied Warriors & Valkyries

On This Earth I Have Chosen The Path Of Death, Blood & Evil

My Main Occupation is Music, Make Music, Write Lyrics

Drink Alcool, Read And Go Into The Mighty Forest ...

My Favorite Bands Are -



Celtic Frost



For Those Whom May Want To E-Mail Me

State Thy Point Of View Of My Page Everything Is Welcome

Exept From Fuckhead's Minds...